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an English translation of  the above article from the Nikkan Sports


New release DVD & BD of Yamapi’s  journey across America

Yamashita Tomohisa’s new DVD & BD of his journey is becoming a big seller.   They were produced from his TV travel program ” Yamashita  Tomohisa Route 66 Tattahitori no America ” broadcast by NTV from January to March of this year. Though DVD is regard as a big seller if it sells more than about 10000 copies  in Japan, they sell over 20000 copies now.

Yamashita made a two-week journey by driving himself  along Route 66 last November without his manager or usual staff. One night he noticed that he hadn’t any bottled mineral water right before a bedtime at a St. Louis suburb motel on the second day of his journey. As he was warned by his staff not drink tap water because it could lead to upset his stomach. Yamashita, who has a considerate mind towards others, couldn’t disturb the staff’s sleep at 2:00 am, so he made an international call to his more close manager in Tokyo. In the end the manager awoke Yamashita ‘s support staff  by a international call again to make them bring the drink to Yamashita 🙂

But he was changing  gradually while he was driving 3700 km by himself and having talks in English with the local people of America. He became to so open up to others that he could ask Mr. Angel, a master of a barber shop in Seligman city Arizona, to shave the cameraman of the party with beardy in English, meanwhile he offered to the role for the cameraman and shot the scene. He said he learned how important relating to others actively is.

Yamashita has become mentally tough by these experiences. After returning to Japan he made plans for a fan event on the theme of the trip. On May 19th, Yamashita with his 380 fans selected in a lucky draw will look back the trip in the event at a theater in Tokyo.

(April 26,2012 from the newspaper ” Nikkan Sports”)





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